McCue’s Comedy Charity Fundraisers

McCue's Comedy Clubs is a new and fun way to raise money for your cause,

providing everything you will need for a successful and profitable event.

McCue's Comedy can provide you with a clean or adult show appropriate for your audience.

McCue's Comedy Fundraisers include:

    •    A 90 minute or more Comedy Show (clean or adult), with 3-4 comics, the majority of which have recognizable and promotable Credits, and all of which are professional comics.

    •    We provide promotional materials including art & text for Posters, art & text for Print Ads, photos of comics (for above), as well as press releases (for above).

    •    Sound & lights.

    •    Tickets.

    •    Venue locations.

    •    DJs for dancing after comedy (if requested).

We love to help organizations raise money, because we know everybody loves to laugh. Our Comedy Show Fundraiser helps you raise money with a fun night out for all your supporters We provide a 75-90 minute professional comedy show on any available convenient night - including weekends!

1) Call (617) 388-0001 to arrange a date and select your Comedy Show Fundraiser Package. Pay only a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve that date.

2) Sell Your Tickets

You sell tickets for whatever price you want.  You can sell up to 100 seats (At $25 per person, you can make $2,500 to start), and raffles and auction items can add to that fundraising goal.

3) The laughs are on us, you keep the profits!

All you need to do is pay us the remaining balance on the Comedy Show, and you keep the rest. We can even instruct you on the best ways to sell the tickets for your event.

Contact Us To Book Your Event!

Thank you We will be in touch right away!

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